Recording Tips Tricks and Techniques including Pro Tools Mixing Effects and Mastering Tips

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Would you like to improve your tracks, mixes or master recordings?

Even in a home studio space, you can cut high quality tracks -

You need to be sure that you're getting the best out of all the gear you have. Even on a small budget, you can improve your sound tremendously.

This manual will help you avoid audio audio recording pitfalls, giving you loads tips and techniques to learn and listen to, from microphone technique to mixing and mastering.

See the feedback - This has worked for hundreds of people.

Some customer comments:

" I finally had some time to read your guide and
man.....I love it! It is so clear and easy to
understand for a novice like me! Thanks so much
> William "


Hi Jo , just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your book - the audio examples are priceless - there are so many books out there that tell you how things should sound , without giving you the opportunity to hear how they do sound. I would never have thought to buy a ribbon mic , let alone dress my SM57 in toilet paper! Your style of writing is also refreshing , as it's clear you have a great passion and talent for making music , but also , (more importantly) a sense of humour - something which is so lacking from the many studious publications out there.
To be honest - this is the best £7.50 I've ever spent in my studio - and if it makes any difference , you should re title this Pro Techniques for Home / Pro recording , as I've been making records for 10 years , and I'm still getting loads out of it.

Good luck in the future , and thanks again,
All the best,
Fraser T Smith, The Matrix Studios, London (Credits: Kano , Craig David , Plan B , Damon Albarn)


"I started into the text a little last night and I have to say that the addition of the audio files makes your book worth the money... picking out the subtle differences and making my own mental note, then reading your interpretation is great. Kind of a blind test to make sure I'm on the right page and really hearing a difference. "


Over the last decade, I have worked in professional and project studios with commercial and independent numerous recording artists.

I've had the advantage of sitting in on session with some of the best engineers and producers in the business, taking mental notes all along...

So I've written what I have learned from years of recording experience in a 120+ page ebook (Adobe .pdf with linked/downloadable audio) with photos and diagrams, charts, critical tips, mixing and mastering 'how to's' and a wealth of audio examples to hear what's what.

I am a professional writer, contributing to Guitar magazine in Europe on a regular basis, as well as having written a successful guitar technique book. This is NOT a compilation of web material or links from the internet, please see my feedback for further customer reviews.

Pro Techniques for Home Recording

Learn and listen to:

Microphone choice and placement the proper ways (and some great improper ways!) to get sounds that will make your recordings stand out.

Plentiful equalization methods, settings, and hints to clear up and pump up your sound.

Technical terms explained in a clear, concise manner using examples.

Compression techniques of the pros. Extensive tips and settings to clean up, improve, and crank up your tracks.

Proper signal flow, wiring, and studio electricity setup; reduce noise and hum, avoid hidden tone-destroying pitfalls and get a pristine signal to tape (disc!)

Not so obvious ways to get the best out of the gear you have. Fantastic recordings can be made on your gear!

Methods you need to do to create a powerful mix that sounds competitive and does your music justice. Tips for creating the best possible master-ready mixdowns.

Demystified: impedance matching, signal flow, bussing, auxiliary sends, side chains, A/D conversion, dithering, word length issues, sub-mixing, bouncing, signal processing, stereo XY, M-S matrix - without special decoders right in you mixer or DAW, and on and on

Mastering techniques that you can adapt to your home or project studio environment. How to be competitive sounding without creating the much-feared wimpy loud sound.

Learn to avoid the most common and often ignored or misunderstood problems and mistakes made when recording; phase cancellation, track misalignment, clock jitter, multiple conversions, avoid normalization disasters, and other pitfalls.

And the list goes on. I think you get the idea. This is a small price to pay for a wealth of information based on experience, plus handy, printable reference charts and diagrams. You will hear many of these techniques in action! This way you can get an idea of whats best for you, demystifying the techniques you learn so you can start using them at your next session.

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